Optimization of resources to provide more development and business opportunities.

In order to optimize resources and offer a comprehensive range of services and opportunities to its member companies in the field of internationalization, CERMAC, in addition to the implementation of its own promotional projects in foreign markets, enters into annual agreements with the Internationalization Office of CNA SERVIZI BOLOGNA, allowing them to take advantage of a dense network of services at particularly competitive conditions. The services that the Consortium is able to offer to its member companies include:

Consulting services for initial guidance provided to companies on internationalization issues

International Office

Development of marketing plans for both the domestic and international markets.

Marketing consultancy

Consulting, training and implementation of web and social media communication programs

Web visibility development

Research and selection of potential customer and/or partner contacts

Creation of qualified databases

Support for companies in managing their initial contacts abroad

Assistance in initiating business relationships with foreign markets

Legal assistance for drafting contracts commonly used in international trade and in handling any disputes

International contract law

Linguistic support from native interpreters and translators

Interpreting and translation

Provision of informational dossiers on Italian and foreign business entities

Information retrieval for business purposes

Information and assistance for the preparation of funding applications related to internationalization and promotion themes

Public tender information service.

Conducting prior art searches, registration, and potential monitoring, legal protection, and consultancy for the transfer or acquisition of rights to use trademarks and patents

Trademark registration and patent filing

Assistance in reclaiming foreign VAT paid for activities and services abroad

Foreign VAT refund

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