Bassi Seminatrici Srl

Bassi Seminatrici is a company specialized in the design and production of precision mechanical seeders, aiming to enhance efficiency in agricultural sowing. Euro Green Tech is a brand focused on sustainable technological solutions for agriculture.While Bassi Seminatrici stands out for precision in seed distribution, Euro Green Tech is committed to promoting environmentally friendly farming practices through the integration of sustainable technologies.

The collaboration between Bassi Seminatrici and Euro Green Tech is based on the synergy of expertise, aiming to offer comprehensive solutions that integrate the efficiency of seeding from Bassi Seminatrici with the sustainable technologies of Euro Green Tech. Together, they aspire to promote advanced, sustainable, and technologically innovative agriculture.

F.lli Annovi di Annovi Marino Srl

Range of manure spreaders specifically designed for localized row distribution. Ideal for organic (biologic) fertilization on vineyards, orchards, berries, citrus groves, hazelnut groves, olive groves and any row cultivation. The small overall dimensions allow use between particularly narrow rows. The product is located at the foot of the row with an adjustable launch width from 1 to 5 metres.

Can be used with different types of organic fertilizer: manure, compost, peat and similar.

The manure spreader is used not only for organic fertilization, but also for mulching crops. In fact, it is suitable for the distribution of wood chips, sawdust and peat, both in rows and on bed formed crops.

There are various optional accessories on request, based on the product to be distributed and the work needs, the machine is customized to satisfy the customer's requests.

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl

For over 60 years, FERRARI GROWTECH has specialized in the production of all types of transplanters and hoes - mechanical, semi-automatic, and fully automated - capable of working in any conditions, such as various types of soil, both bare and with plastic film. Ferrari machines are suitable for cultivating a wide variety of vegetables, including lettuce, tomatoes, brassicas, celery, tobacco, sweet potatoes, and many others. The company's guidelines are based on innovation and continuous product development, all proudly patented. This ensures the high quality of our machines, all designed, developed, and manufactured exclusively in our workshop. Some factory-produced models incorporate hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic components. Our extensive experience and knowledge can guide you in finding the best solution for your work.

Roter Italia Srl

Forigo Roteritalia is a company that responds to the challenges of the horticultural and agricultural world in an original and innovative way. For over 50 years, we have been assisting customers in choosing machinery for seedbed preparation and transplanting that suits their needs, providing constant support even after purchase.

Today, with an international presence in Europe, Russia, the United States, South America, Oceania, and Africa, we continue to grow and offer cutting-edge solutions on a global scale by continuously expanding our product range through collaboration with end-users and universities.

Who chooses Forigo? Those who love to invest in innovation, customization, reliability, and consultancy for long-term success.

Rinieri Srl

Rinieri Srl manufactures a wide range of equipment for vineyards, orchards, and public and private green management, designed to meet every need of the agricultural world. Always with a focus on mechanical weeding and organic farming, we are leaders in the production of inter-row machinery: harrows, rotary tillers, small plows, blades, discs, finger weeders. The range is completed by disc or tooth pruners, summer pruners, leaf removers, and bud rubbers, as well as more than 20 models of shredders, cultivators, subsoilers, hedge trimmers, brushcutters, and elevators. The quality of our products and the extensive experience gained over 100 years guarantee the customer the best solution for every application.

Urbinati Srl

Urbinati Srl, headquartered in San Mauro Pascoli, FC, Italy, designs and manufactures modular systems for automating production processes within nurseries.

The continuous pursuit of quality, innovation, and reliability has been driving the company for over 40 years. This wealth of experience is put to use daily in serving the horticultural sector with the goal of providing cutting-edge tools and tailor-made solutions that are Made in Italy.

The modularity of Urbinati's products, both for individual machines and complete systems, is effective in creating custom solutions for managing various production phases, catering to both smaller entities and multinational companies.

Urbinati's machines are designed and built to be easily operated by the operator, with controls consolidated into a single touch-screen panel featuring a simple and intuitive interface.

Choose the best solutions and technological innovation from the world of Cermac.


Cermac was founded in 1980 with the primary goal of taking its member companies connected to the world of agriculture, onto the international stage. Cermac's mission has always been the promotion of its member companies in international markets and the identification of development opportunities aimed at encouraging the internationalization of affiliated companies.

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