Graziani Packaging Srl

Graziani Packaging's core business is to provide customers with the most reliable palletization solution to secure their exports of fruits and vegetables through the Magic Packaging System®. The combined use of our cardboard corners, Magic Corner®, and Magic Strap® strapping secures fruit and vegetable pallets most effectively, eliminating any issues related to palletizing activities and pallet stability.

The reliability of our packaging materials is linked to the use of high-quality raw materials and the know-how of our company, built over more than 30 years of international experience. To produce Magic Corner®, we use virgin kraft-liner paper, which not only ensures high moisture resistance for overseas exports but also respects the environment and packaging requirements without plastic in major export destinations. Our corners are 100% recyclable in the class A paper system.

Our Magic Strap® is available in both polypropylene PP and polyester PET for both manual and automatic use. The advantage of using high-quality raw materials lies in its ease of machinability and high memory capacity, meaning it can maintain tension for longer periods.

Our product portfolio is extensive and includes manual strapping tools, strapping seals, extruded nets, stretch film, ethylene absorbers, and many more.

Infia Srl

Infia is a global leader in plastic packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables. Its production focus is on creating advanced packaging solutions that effectively meet the emerging needs for packaging, protection, and enhancement of horticultural products. Thanks to an organized sales network on all five continents and established global partnerships, Infia is now the top European manufacturer of plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables, ranking among the world's leading companies in this sector.

Infia's focus is on environmental sustainability. The production exclusively uses plastics with a high content of recycled material (RICILATO and Tray2Tray), reducing the Carbon Footprint by approximately 70%.

Infia's packaging is recognized as a reference point by all European retailers.

Teco Srl

Teco is an Italian company specialized in the mass production of automatic tray forming machines made of cardboard. Thanks to its young and dynamic team and continuous investments in innovative solutions, Teco's machines stand out for their robustness and ease of use. Moreover, Teco can offer not only a wide range of standard solutions but also customized solutions to meet any customer's needs, thanks to its in-house Research and Development department and exclusive ownership of technical drawings, technologies, and know-how. Teco's machines can assemble corrugated and solid cardboard boxes and trays, both for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Whatever type of box or tray the customer needs to assemble, Teco's machines can meet their requirements: with or without corners, closed or open corners, for trays like PLATFORM, CITRUS, or P84, and even smaller tray sizes.

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Cermac was founded in 1980 with the primary goal of taking its member companies connected to the world of agriculture, onto the international stage. Cermac's mission has always been the promotion of its member companies in international markets and the identification of development opportunities aimed at encouraging the internationalization of affiliated companies.

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