Molari Società Agricola S.S.

Breeding and production of high-quality berry plants

S.A.I.S. Spa

SAIS is a joint-stock company founded in 1941 in Cesena, in the heart of the Italian horticultural production area. They are engaged in the cultivation, marketing, selective farming, and conservative selection of vegetable and aromatic seed varieties. Currently, they can offer approximately 90 varieties from their selection registered in the European Variety Register. They have registered about 100 varieties in the European Variety Register and are involved in the selection of 80 Open pollinated varieties. The main characteristic of their range is the particular attention to varieties from the Mediterranean region, taste aspects, and the evolution of consumption patterns. Varietal innovation, high product quality, production efficiency, and continuous knowledge exchange with their customers are the main levers through which they aim to distinguish themselves.

Società Agricola Vivai Mazzoni Ss

VIVAI MAZZONI is a company with over 30 years of experience in the production of fruit trees, rootstocks, strawberry plants, and asparagus crowns. The company provides high-quality plants suitable for different climatic conditions and with ideal characteristics for advanced production methods.

The fundamental values that guide VIVAI MAZZONI in its activities are productivity, cost containment, plant and fruit health, and environmental sustainability. These values serve as the basis for ongoing research into innovative solutions that meet the needs of modern growers.

The quality and health of the plants are guaranteed through continuous production control by a highly specialized technical staff. Furthermore, production follows the standards of the national genetic-sanitary certification, ensuring plants that are healthy from a phytosanitary perspective and genetically compliant with varietal characteristics.

In summary, VIVAI MAZZONI offers high-quality fruit trees and other products, supporting growers with reliable and innovative solutions for their success.

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Cermac was founded in 1980 with the primary goal of taking its member companies connected to the world of agriculture, onto the international stage. Cermac's mission has always been the promotion of its member companies in international markets and the identification of development opportunities aimed at encouraging the internationalization of affiliated companies.

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