Fruit Control Equipments Srl

FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS has been in the controlled atmosphere sector for over 60 years, producing technological systems and new solutions for maintaining the quality and extending the shelf life of horticultural products post-harvest, without the use of chemicals.

Our company is specialized in the design and construction of:

  • Controlled and Modified Atmosphere Systems
  • Ripening and De-greening Systems
  • Experimental Systems for Laboratories and Research Centers
  • Environmental Sanitation Systems

Ing.A.Rossi Impianti Industriali Srl

Ing.A.Rossi Impianti industriali Srl, since 1951 designs and produces machines and complete lines for  tomato and fruit process and packaging, the machine's production range goes from product reception and washing systems, to turboextractors, Hot and Cold Break enzymatic deactivators, concentrators, sterilizers and pasteurizers,  aseptic fillers for webbed bags, bag-in-boxes, bag-in-drum and cookers for product rework. In addition, regarding retail packaging, Ing.A.Rossi can count on Aronpak, the brand that manifactures  fillers and seamers for cans and jars, depalletization and palletizing systems.

T.R. Turoni Srl

For over 40 years, T.R. Turoni has been meeting the needs of fruit and vegetable companies with its range of scientific instruments. Its products have gained recognition in markets around the world thanks to their precision and reliability. T.R. Turoni offers a complete range of tools useful in all stages of agricultural production; in particular, the company specializes in ripening and quality control instruments, including:

  • DA Meter - The non-destructive tool for monitoring the ripeness of pome and stone fruits.
  • Fruit Durometers - For measuring the hardness of cherry, blueberry, ready-to-eat avocado, and tomato pulp.
  • Penetrometers - For measuring the pulp of fruits and vegetables.
  • Refractometers - For measuring the sugar content of fruits.
  • Calipers for fruits and vegetables.
  • Penetration thermometers for measuring the temperature of fruit pulp.

Unitec Spa

UNITEC is an international group specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the processing, grading, quality classification, and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For almost 100 years, UNITEC has been committed to improving the quality of processing of horticultural products in the many countries where it operates, providing customized patented solutions for approximately 50 different types of fruits and for every phase of the process, with the highest standards of reliability and profitability for its customers.

UNITEC's solutions are 100% Made in Italy, produced in-house by the company, and cover the entire processing cycle of horticultural products: from project definition to the creation of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, automation, traceability, and quality classification components, with high-definition vision systems.

Internationally, UNITEC has established a network of 20 operational branches in some of the most important horticultural countries (including the USA, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Australia, and Canada) and a sales structure that allows the UNITEC group to connect with the specific needs of customers in over 65 countries where it operates.

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Cermac was founded in 1980 with the primary goal of taking its member companies connected to the world of agriculture, onto the international stage. Cermac's mission has always been the promotion of its member companies in international markets and the identification of development opportunities aimed at encouraging the internationalization of affiliated companies.

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