C-Led Srl

C-LED is a Cefla company specialized in the design and production of electronic applications and lighting systems. We offer innovative solutions for the growing sector, such as professional LED lamps for vertical farms and outdoor environments (greenhouses). We also provide remote systems for irrigation control (plant weighing scales).

Thanks to our experience and our team of mechanical and electronic engineers, as well as agronomists specializing in lighting for growing, we offer customers the best technological solution to meet their agronomic and production needs. We tailor solutions to different types of plants, growth environments, and varying light requirements. Our product range is characterized by the use of the latest-generation LEDs, which enable high electrical efficiency (umol/J) and reduce energy consumption, ensuring greater sustainability for the entire system

COMBO Undoubtedly the most suitable for lighting greenhouses of all types
FUTURA They are mainly used in vertical farms as they are easily installed in multilevel shelves
SLIM This lamp is used in different areas such as micropropagation, grafting, rooting and vertical farms. 

Idromeccanica Lucchini Spa

We are leaders in the production of greenhouses covered in plastic material for horticulture and floriculture, complete with the most advanced irrigation and heating systems. Our greenhouses, as well as everything that is delivered by our company, are strictly controlled by the quality control office, the materials used are 100% Made in Italy. Able to produce high-tech greenhouses, we design turn-key projects, paying attention to the client's objectives, focusing on quality and innovation. Our experience of 75 years in the field allowed us to develop a working method and a highly proactive approach towards the client, our aim is to always propose the right solution!

L. Gobbi Srl

L. Gobbi S.r.l. is an Italian company leader in the production and marketing of agricultural products, including plant growth regulators, fertilizers, biostimulants and organic products, also including products based on microorganisms. Founded in 1955, the company is based in Campo Ligure, in the province of Genoa. 
L. Gobbi offers a complete range of products to meet the needs of a wide range of crops, including orchards, vineyards, vegetables, field crops and ornamental crops, and its products are distributed worldwide. The company is engaged in the research and development of new products and technologies for sustainable and organic agriculture. The company is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products and services that help them achieve their production goals.

Lisam Srl

Specializing in the production of equipment for pruning and olive harvesting, LISAM has always been committed to finding innovative solutions. Efficiency and practicality, combined with maximum productivity, improve working conditions while respecting the plant and traditional crops.

With determination and passion, LISAM regularly invests in new products, rigorously tested in the field under various conditions of use. Starting over 50 years ago with traditional manual pruning shears, LISAM then specialized in pneumatic shears, achieving excellent results. For the past decade, leveraging the opportunities offered by Lithium-Ion batteries, it has focused on electric pruning equipment, making its range truly comprehensive.

Innovation and the ability to keep pace with an increasingly demanding market have made LISAM a leading company with a consolidated sales network in Italy and a growing presence in European and non-European markets.

Losi Vittorio di Losi Roberto & C. Snc

The specialists in the construction of mowing bars and spare parts for agricultural machines 

Officine Malaguti Srl

Quality equipment, solidity and Made in Italy expertise 

N. Blosi s.r.l.

N.Blosi range is composed by 6 different machines, which differ from each other in their technical characteristics. In this way we can guarantee the best solution in terms of efficiency for every kind of orchard and processing. Every day N.Blosi technicians work listening to customer requests with the purpose of improving the experience of using the machine.

Plastical Srl

La linea di prodotti Vario System è stata creata per offrire la migliore protezione al vostro frutteto in termini di qualità, affidabilità e tecnologia. Con oltre 20 anni di esperienza nel settore, serviamo clienti in oltre 20 paesi in tutto il mondo e copriamo circa 1500 ettari ogni anno.

Offriamo soluzioni complete, che includono consulenza ingegneristica e agronomica, installazione di protezioni proattive, pianificazione del frutteto e fornitura di tutti i materiali necessari per l'installazione.

Abbiamo brevettato la PLACCHETTA BIMATERIALE, la prima nel suo genere made in Italy, che combina nylon di alta qualità con le proprietà aggiuntive della gomma. Questa innovazione consente di prevenire la rottura del telo nelle sue parti più delicate e di migliorare la resistenza agli agenti atmosferici esterni, come la pioggia intensa.

Choose the best solutions and technological innovation from the world of Cermac.


Cermac was founded in 1980 with the primary goal of taking its member companies connected to the world of agriculture, onto the international stage. Cermac's mission has always been the promotion of its member companies in international markets and the identification of development opportunities aimed at encouraging the internationalization of affiliated companies.

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