Cermac has always considered it important to foster contacts between entrepreneurs and universities. For this reason, it has hosted a student of the University of Rome Tor Vergata as an intern for six months. The student has been taking a master’s degree in Foreign Trade and Business Internationalisation. Cermac has allowed the student to acquire knowledge of agricultural technologies and equipment and helped him carry out his research on Chilean and Peruvian markets.

The intership has included not only desk research activities to identify news, information and market data but also visits to Cermac’s member companies, which has been crucial for the intern to assimilate all the necessary technical and business information and gain an adequate understanding of Cermac’s offering. In addition, the student, supported by his tutor, has identified prospects in the Chilean and Peruvian markets and promoted the range of Cermac’s technologies, products and services to them.

The student has had the chance to establish contacts with leading players in the national and international market, such as Cermac’s member companies, and grow both as a person and as a professional. 

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