CERMAC carries on with its busy international schedule and will be exhibiting at Fruit Attraction from October 5th to 7th 2021, in Madrid.  

CERMAC’s booth will introduce the visitor to the vast product range supplied by the member companies, represented at the trade show through a selection of pre- and post-harvest products and machinery by member companies from Emilia-Romagna.

In fact, at the booth reserved by the Consortium in pavilion 4 booth n° 4D12, visitors will get an overview of the aggregate supply provided by Cermac, through the productions of GRAZIANI PACKAGING, TR TURONI, VARIO SYSTEM and RINIERI, whereas at hall 7 booth n°7C14 they will have the chance to get information about the machines by TECO.

For the pre-harvest sector CERMAC will present the products and machines by VARO SYSTEM, T.R. TURONI and RINIERI: VARIO SYSTEM supply is focused on anti-hail protection systems and an innovative anticracking system for orchards thanks to its innovative plaquette V6 bimaterial, which is designed and produced in Italy, it grants a high resistance to strong wind and storm, it is easy and practical to be installed and gives a perfect adhesion to the antirain nets. RINIERI’ s product range is made up of agricultural machines and in particular rotary tillers, shredders, pruning machines, cultivators, and electronic shears for pruning. Finally, T.R. TURONI’s selection for the pre-harvest covers a wide range of field measurement and analyzing equipment, worldwide renowned for their precision and high quality.

For the post-harvest, there will be GRAZIANI PACKAGINGT.R. TURONI and TECO.

GRAZIANI PACKAGING will exhibit a rich selection of its supply for the horticultural packaging, which distinguishes for strength, reliability and high performing materials which can keep fresh fruit and vegetables and guarantee high stability to the pallets. CERMAC offer for the post harvest also includes the member company T.R. TURONI, which will offer to the trade visitors its expertise in the field of measuring and controlling of fruit quality through a wide supply of scientific instruments and equipments. Last but not least, TECO’s offer covers tray formers for corrugated and solid board, american boxes, lidding machines and plastic crates erecting machines, as well as a wide range of accessories, such as stackers and conveyor belts.

By taking part in the next edition of FRUIT ATTRACTION, CERMAC wants to relaunch internationally the promotion of the offer by its member companies to promote the quality and the well-known performance typical of the Italian technology for the fruit and vegetable business sector.

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